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Solar Power

How Solar Power Could be a Solution to South Africa’s

South Africa has had an energy crisis since 2007. We often experience rolling blackouts during periods of peak power demand. It occurs because Eskom simply does not have enough capacity to supply all the power needed across the nation.

Eskom officials have stated that the only solution is the construction of extra power stations. However, another great solution is the use of solar power. Here are some of the benefits of solar power in commercial and residential buildings.

Get Through Periods of Load Shedding

South Africa receives a lot of sunlight with about seven hours of sunshine daily in most places around the country. It ensures that a personal solar system would be able to receive regular sunlight once installed. With an average consumption of 10kWh of power daily, once would need a solar system with about five solar panels.

With careful planning, it could be a great way to get through periods of load shedding for instance. Your average energy consumption can be reduced with the use of energy-efficient electronics. By installing smart energy monitoring devices, you could cut down your power consumption. Besides that, you could utilize battery storage technology for periods of load shedding. Combined with energy-saving electronics, it could help you to get through those periods.

You could also have the system connected to the grid. Via net metering, you could earn credits to help you offset your energy bill. The savings could be invested in a more energy-efficient home.

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Investing in Solar power

It Increases Your Property Value

When you own a private residence or a commercial residential, installing solar power has several benefits. For instance, it helps to boost the value of the property. When seeking for a buyer, you are likely to sell the property much faster as well as get a better price for your private home.

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Investing in Solar power

Earn from Your Commercial Solar Installation

In South Africa, the cost of power from Eskom is quite high. However, a commercial building can lease its rooftop to a solar company. The firm will install solar systems on the roof and sell power to occupants in the building. For commercial building owners, they benefit from receiving monthly payments. The occupants of the building, benefit from lower power costs. It could serve as a great way to attract customers to your building, who are looking for a solution to the high power costs.

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Investing in Solar power

It is good for the Environment

In South Africa, 77% of the electricity comes from coal, which contributes a lot to greenhouse gases. If you care about the environment, you should consider installing solar panels. They help you reduce your carbon footprint, which helps protect the earth from runaway global warming.

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Investing in Solar power


If you are thinking of solar power, you could start small and then install a full residential solar system later. For instance, you could install solar water hitting or use solar power to power your pool pump kit. Later on, you could expand to a solar system for the entire home.